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Measure the size of the room in feet and use these numbers in the following formula:

Required number of Air Purifiers   = 

L x W x H  x ACH

CFM x 60

L,W,H are the room length, width, & ceiling height in units of feet
ACH is the recommended Air Changes per Hour from Table 1 below.
CFM is the air cleaner delivered Cubic Feet per Minute of clean air from Table 2 below.

Table 1: Recommended Air Changes per Hour (ACH)
Load Application ACH


general offices
computer rooms


conference rooms
break rooms
designated smoking areas


bingo halls
extra smokey areas

Use the CFM from Table 2 for the speed that the air cleaner will operate on normally,
i.e., low speed for quiet applications, high speed for more air cleaning.

Table 2: Air Cleaner Delivered CFM
(operating on 60 Hz electric*)
Model Low Medium High
Amaircare XR100 for Cars - - 20
Amaircare Roomaid 20 - 40
Austin Air HealthMate Jr 31 62 125
Amaircare 2500 50 - 175
HealthWay 10600-2 65 110 175
HealthWay 20600-3 70 130 200
Amaircare 3000 50 - 225
HealthPro Compact 75
(speed 2)
(speed 4)
(speed 6)
HealthPro Plus 70
(speed 2)
(speed 4)
(speed 6)
Austin Air HealthMate Standard 47 125 250
HealthPro 75
(speed 2)
(speed 4)
(speed 6)
TRACS 150 - 350
HealthWay 20600-2 190 305 355
Friedrich C-90 225 275 365
MiracleAir PM-400UV infinitely variable up to 400
Smokemaster P-600XL 235 285 430
Airpura R-600 infinitely variable up to 435
Airpura H-600 infinitely variable up to 450

* Models, except TRACS, operating on 50 Hz electric will run about 15% slower.  Therefore, the figures in this table should be reduced by 15% for 50 Hz operation.

 IMPORTANT WARNING: Delivered CFM is the rate of air flow through the air cleaner with all filters installed.  Beware, some manufacturers cite 'free flow' CFM or CFM '@0"wg', which refer to the performance of the motor and blower combination only, without any air resistance due to the filters.  The CFM values published on this website represent delivered CFM.  When dealing with other vendors, if in doubt, ask!

Air Changes per Hour   = 

Total CFM Supplied by Air Purifiers x 60 Minutes

L x W x H

CFM is the total delivered Cubic Feet per Minute for all air cleaners in use
L, W, H are length, width, & ceiling height of room in units of feet

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Worldwide Supplier of Air Purifiers, Air Cleaners, Air Filters, Dust Collectors, & Mist Collectors shipping from North America. 
Many, but not all models are displayed.  Air Purifiers are available with a variety of electrical options to meet the power standards of most countries.

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