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Whisper Comfort
Spot Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)
by Panasonic

Bringing fresh-air ventilation into your home

Panasonic WhisperComfort Spot Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) offers a revolutionary way to provide balanced ventilation with a ceiling insert ERV.  Affordable and easy to install, WhisperComfort is energy efficient and provides fresh ventilated air while maintaining indoor air quality.

Panasonic FV-04VE Whisper Comfort Spot Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

Spot ERV Ceiling Insert Ventilator
4" x 2 Ducts

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  • Spot balanced ventilation fan with low-rate continuous run

  • Easy ceiling mount installation

  • Provides fresh air from outside while exhausting stale air and filtering out dust and indoor air pollutants

  • Exchange capillary core recovers heat energy and moisture

  • Balances air pressure inside the house

  • Ideal for new air tight homes built to meet energy efficiency standards

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Static Pressure (in inches w.g.) 0.1
Air Volume (CFM) 40 @ 0.1 static pressure
20 @ 0.1 static pressure
10 @ 0.1 static pressure
Air Volume Supply (CFM) 30 @ 0.1 static pressure
20 @ 0.1 static pressure
10 @ 0.1 static pressure
Noise (sones) 0.8 @ 40 CFM
<0.3 @ 20 CFM
Air Filter Efficiency %  

- supply air filter
- exhaust air filter

TBD: an inquiry has been made with the manufacturer

Power Consumption (Watts) 23 @ 40 CFM
21 @ 20 CFM
17 @ 10 CFM
Speed (RPM) 1479 @ 40 CFM
1292 @ 20 CFM
1095 @ 10 CFM
Current (Amps) 0.15 @ 40 CFM
0.10 @ 20 CFM
0.09 @ 10 CFM
Power Rating (V/Hz) 120/60
Motor Type AC Condenser
Type of Motor Bearing Ball
Thermal Fuse Protection Yes
Blower Wheel Type 2 x Sirocco
Heating % 66% @ 30 CFM
Cooling % 36% @ 29 CFM
Duct Diameter (inches)

The standard duct size for the WhisperFitTM fans is 4". The unit includes an adaptor so 3" duct can be used.

2 x 4"
Mounting Opening (inches sq.) 191/2" x 141/4"
Grille Size (inches sq.) 203/4" x 163/4"
Washington State VIAQ Code Yes
California Title 24 Compliant Yes
Mfg in ISO 9001 Certified Facility Yes
Gross Weight (lbs.) 24


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