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MiracleAir™ Hepa/UV

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portable commercial air cleaner with carbon


Ultimate Commercial Grade
Model MiracleAir PM-400UV
This machine has recently been renamed PM400.  The UV feature has been removed.

High Efficiency HEPA+UV Air Cleaner





  • True HEPA 99.97% @ 0.3µ with 82 sq.ft. of surface area.

  • Twin, double UV germicidal lamps with 254nm wavelength which is highly effective at killing bacteria and other pathogens.

  • 15 lbs. of activated charcoal for odor control

  • Infinitely variable speed motor/blower allows for optimal airflow in all conditions.

  • Easy to move from room-to-room with included casters.


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Indoor Air Pollution Is A Big Problem!

"...indoor air is often two-to-five times more polluted than outdoor air and can be up to 1000 times as dirty.  The EPA estimates that most Americans are exposed every day to indoor air contaminants that can lead to serious health problems for some people including cancer, respiratory ailments, fatigue and headaches.”

Congressional Quarterly


AIRFLOW: 0-400 CFM* infinitely variable speed control.
PREFILTER: Impregnated carbon prefilter.
HEPA FILTER: True HEPA with 82 sq.ft. of filtration area.
ODOR CONTROL: 15 pounds activated charcoal.  Other blends available.
UV GERMICIDAL LAMPS Twin double UV lamps with 388µ-watts/sq. inch of power, 254nm wavelength.  Twin indicator lights show UV is operational.
FAN/MOTOR Dynamically balanced precision built motor/blower for smooth vibration free operation.
POWER CONSUMPTION: 250 Watts at maximum airflow
VOLTAGE REQUIRED: 120 Volts, 2 amps, 60 Hz
240 Volts, 1 amp, 50/60Hz
SIZE: 15.6 W x 15.6 D x 22.5 H
WEIGHT: 49 lbs. Approx. shipping weight 57 lbs.
64 dBA on high, 35 dBA on low.
HOUSING FINISH: Black or White

Manufacturer has a policy of continuing product improvement and has the right to change product design and specification without notice.
Airflow rating with 0.9" water differential pressure across filters.  Airflow at other conditions will vary.

06/06 PN51668

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