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wall mount electronic air cleaner

(with optional wall mount kit)

Multi-functional electronic air cleaner



Model P600XL Electrostatic Precipitator

Key Features

  • Rated a Best Buy*
    For portable models in the "Premium" category by a major consumer product evaluation organization.

  • High Capacity
    The Electrostatic Precipitator cleans up to 430 cubic feet of air per minute coupled with a greater cell collection area for increased effectiveness.   It can be used for many applications from bedrooms to busy offices.

  •  Portability
    Moves easily from family room to bedroom, conference room to office. Can be wall mounted, if desired. (See optional accessories.)

  •  High Efficiency
    The electronic cell removes dust, pollens, smoke, and other airborne particles so small it would take 7,000 of them to stretch across this dot(.)    A heavy duty activated carbon filter absorbs odors and gases to further freshen the air.

  •  Quiet Operation

    Whisper quiet operation:


    dB(A)@ 6'

    Low: 48.5  
    Med: 56     
    High: 61    

    ** Noise measurements are made in a typical room.
    For an interpretation of the noise figures above CLICK HERE


  • Cuts Maintenance and Redecorating Costs
    By removing the airborne contaminants that stain walls, draperies, ceilings, etc., the
    Electrostatic Precipitator substantially reduces maintenance and redecorating costs.
  •  Multi-functional

    Meets the needs of many living and working situations.

    Homes Offices
    Apartments Conference Rooms
    Bedrooms Employee Lounges
    Family Rooms Barn
    Kitchens Restaurants
    Nursing Homes Pool Rooms
    Hospitals Card Rooms
    Beauty Salons Schools

    ..Any area where dust, pollen, smoke, and dirty air affect occupants.

  •  Maintenance
    Prefilter and electronic cell are easily maintained by soaking in any wash container to remove trapped particles accumulated from cleaning dirty air. Alkaline detergent and wash container available.
    See optional accessories.
  • Activated Carbon Filter
    A heavy duty activated carbon filter absorbs gases and odors.
  • System Indicator Light
    Automatically indicates system malfunction.
  • 3-Speed Air Volume Control
    Push button control accommodates Off-Low-Med-High settings for flexibility.
  • Test Button
    Indicates that the Electrostatic Precipitator collector is working properly.
Specifications Model Electrostatic Precipitator
   (Click Here for Printable Product Literature)
   (Click Here for Printable Owner/Operation Manual)

Power: 3-prong, 6-foot power cord plugs into a standard grounded outlet

Voltage: 120 V/60 Hz, 50 Hz models available

Power Consumption:

Low:  60 Watts, 0.75 Amps
Med:  80 Watts, 1.05 Amps
High: 120 Watts,  l.4   Amps

Motor: 1/40 Hp, shaded pole with sleeved bearings

Capacity (cubic feet of air per minute):

Low: 235 cfm
Med: 285 cfm
High: 430 cfm

Dimensions: 23 1/2" H x 13 ¾" W x17" D

Effectively removes airborne particles of air down to 0.01 micron with up to 99% efficiency. (1 micron = 1/25,400th inch)

Weight: 46 1/2 lbs.

Cell Collection Surface Area: 7,624 sq. in. air cleaners air purifiers smokemaster miracleair austin air (4591 bytes)

Cabinet Finish: Light Oak

Optional Accessories:

Wall Mounting Kit: Complete bracket assembly with mounting bolts.
Four Caster Wheels
Alkaline Detergent:
Concentrate liquid detergent. Reusable.
Fiberglass Wash Container with Lid

Noise(dB)  Click here for an explanation:

@ 3 feet @ 5 feet
Low 48.5 47.5
Medium 56.0 54.0
High 61.0 59.0

Prices & Orders

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*in 1998

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Many, but not all models are displayed.  Air Purifiers are available with a variety of electrical options to meet the power standards of most countries.

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