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Everclear™ CM-11

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Total High Efficiency Particulate & Gaseous Filtration System

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Models CM-11F, CM11E

State of the art cleaner is the ultimate solution for indoor air pollution capturing both particulate and gaseous contaminants. Removes odors, tobacco smoke, pollen, dust, vapors and many other irritants

Key Benefits

  • Removes dust, smoke, pollen other particles using high efficiency disposable filters. The EverClear has more filter media than any other unit on the market!
  • Removes odors and vapor contaminants with large twin odor/V.O.C. filter modules.
  • The attractive grille fits flush with the ceiling and is completely inconspicuous! The cabinet is hidden in the unused space above the ceiling.
  • The solid state, 3- speed controller allows for easy adjustments to air flow. This controller is located near the inlet grille, the speed controller can be installed on the wall for remote operation if desired.
  • Special mounting brackets simplify the installation and do not require any additional space above cabinet height of 19 9/16
  • Effective 360 degree COANDA airflow gently and evenly distributes clean air and returns dirty air to the unit. COANDA air flow destratifies air and eliminates "stuffy" air pockets.
  • Low maintenance and long filter life is achieved because of the large volume of media used in both the particulate and the odor/V.O.C. disposable filters.
  • Unique internal sound baffle and special sound absorbing foam cabinet liner keep the EverClear to a hush on the high speed setting (quieter than a copy machine).

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Specifications/Model CM-11F
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ELECTRICAL: 115 Vac, 6.5 Amps, 60 Hz; 208 Vac - 230 Vac, 4.0 Amps, 60Hz. 


Filter # Efficiency Air Volume (delivered CFM)
41149 95% D.O.P.@0.3u Low: 400, Medium: 700, High: 850
41155 85% ASHRAE DUSTSPOT     
Each of the particulate filters listed above have a minimum of 130 square feet of media. PN.41149 is the standard filter used in the EverClear unit.
PREFILTER: PN 41147 - 1" aluminum mesh.
The standard EverClear unit comes with two reusable odor/v.o.c. filter modules. Each module contains 10 disposable filters.The standard adsorbent media is a combination of Carbon,Permanganate and Zeolite. The total weight of Adsorbent Media per unit is 44 lbs.

Filter Module #41150, two required per unit.
DIMENSIONS: Length 46 5/8", Width 22 5/8", Height 19 9/16"
Requires a minimum of 19 9/16" clearance above the false ceiling.
WEIGHT: 200 lbs. Installed
250 lbs. Shipping
MOTOR: 1/2  horse power, PSC with sealed ball bearing's.
BLOWER WHEEL: Forward curved, direct drive, 12.5" x 4" single inlet wheel.
OPTIONS: Remote 3-speed blower control.
Disposable prefilter media pad system.
Choices of a variety of adsorbent medias and primary particulate filter efficiencies, including 3M Filtrete.

Specifications/Model CM-11E

Same as CM-11 with 8.8 lbs. instead of 44 lbs. of sorbent material.  May be upgraded to full CM-11F by adding additional disposable sorbent media filters.


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