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Extended Service Filter


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The new Extended Service Filter (E.S.F.) is a superior design that features extended service life, heavy-duty construction and fast, easy installation. Constructed of durable fire-retardant raw materials and a mini-pleat microglass fiber filter element. The new E.S.F. Filters are available in four efficiencies and are suitable for all standard filter applications.


The new Extended Service Filter (E.S.F.) is specifically designed to perform under demanding operating conditions including variable air volume (VAV), turbulent air flow, repeated fan shut down, and high relative humidity.
n Extended service life due to large filter media surface area 200 sq. ft. This compares to only 58 sq. ft. of media in a box filter and 42 sq. ft. of media in a bag filter of similar dimensions.
n Low filter pressure drop for reduced energy consumption and cost.
n Air flow capacity up to 3000 cubic feet per minute (CFM).
n High contaminant-holding capacity that results in reduced maintenance (fewer changeouts) and disposal costs.
n Reduced size (overall depth of only 11.5 inches) due to V-bank construction.
n Increased efficiency during service life (no particle migration or fiber breakoff).
n Higher recommended final pressure drop (longer filter life).
n Fits into all M series media air cleaners and all commonly used filter frames and housings.

air cleaners air purifiers smokemaster miracleair austin air (11695 bytes)The unique high effciency microglass fiber media used in the new E.S. filter is effective against a wide range of particles shown left.

air cleaners air purifiers smokemaster miracleair austin air (10767 bytes)An important feature of the E.S. filter is its extended service life compared to conventional ASHRAE bag filters and box filters.  The graph at left shows the effect of increased filter media surface area on filter service life. It's interesting to note that a 50% increase in filter media surface area increases service life by 100%. Likewise, a filter that has twice the media surface area has 3.5-4.0 times longer life.

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