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Electronic C-12

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wall mount electronic air cleaner

(with optional wall mount kit)


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Smokemaster Model C-12

How It Works

Airborne contaminates are trapped by a process called "Electrostatic Precipitation". The diagram below simplifies the construction of the Smokemaster Electronic Air Cleaner. Particles are first given a strong electrical charge in the charging section of each cell. These charged particles are then attracted to and held by the collection section of the cell until cleansed at regular intervals. The Smokemaster has its own fan which circulates the air through the unit.

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Year After Year

Unlike the costly and less efficient throw-away fiber filters you must replace, or electronic air cleaners with cumbersome plate-type cells, your Smokemaster is equipped with lightweight (9 1/2 lbs.) two stage cells. These components provide Smokemaster with air cleaning efficiency that can trap particles so small 7000 of them would stretch across this dot (.).The cells have no moving parts to wear - no tools to buy or periodic mechanical servicing requirements.

Smokemasters key feature is the multidirectional air pattern

Smokemaster's success is due to the "Coanda Aerodynamic Principle."

Most air cleaners recirculate the air in only one direction which limits the amount of contaminated air that can reach  the air cleaner.

Our unique four-way method of air recirculation is multi-directional.  It gets the maximum amount of contaminated air to the machine most efficiently.  More air reaches the Smokemaster while eliminating annoying drafts.  This creates people comfort as well as much better air cleaning results!

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Key Benefits

  • Coanda Air Flow Pattern
  • Discharge Louvers
    • 4 sides
  • Color Options
    • Ivory, Woodgrain, Black
  • Removable Prefilters and Grille
    • Metal mesh prefilters catch larger particles before entering the electronic cells.
  • System Indicator Lamp
    • Monitors the electrical output automatically indicating any system malfunction.
  • Three-Speed Control
    • Low 800cfm
      Medium l050cfm
      High l250cfm
    • Energy efficient motor
  • Electronic Cells
    • Two electronic cells remove easily with attached grip handles. Voltage doubler circuit provides more efficient air cleaning with a compact cell.
  • Hinged Access Door
    • Allows easy access to components for periodic cell and prefilter cleaning. Safety interlock discharges all power when door is opened. Built-in test button assures collector performance.
  • Optional Accessories
    • Wash kit
    • Wall Mounting Kit
    • Remote 3-Speed Switch Plate Assembly
  • Serviceability Components simply unplug for replacement in event service is necessary.
  • Air cleaner is easily mounted on ceiling or wall.

Specifications Model C-12 (Click Here for Printable Product Literature)           Installation/Operation Manual

Capacity (cfm) Low Speed Med. Speed High Speed
800 1050 1250
Electrical Ratings

Voltage and Frequency - 120V ac 60 Hz
Current and Power Consumption

Low Speed Med. Speed High Speed
2.4A 2.7A 3.3A
200W 230W 270W
Dimensions (inches) Length
11 1/2
Weight Shipping Installed
75 lbs. 64 lbs.

Effectively removes airborne particles down to 0.01 micron with up to 97% efficiency.
(1 micron = 1/25,400th inch)


3 prong 10 foot power cord plugs into standard grounded outlet.

air cleaners air purifiers smokemaster miracleair austin air (43370 bytes)


The Smokemaster can be easily mounted on the ceiling or wall and plugs into a regular 120 volt outlet. The best location for the unit is in a position nearest the concentration of smoke and dirt producing activities. A qualified representative can best advise you as to the capacity and sizing requirements for your specific needs.


Lightweight all aluminum prefilters and cells are quickly and easily cleansed by being soaked in any conventional wash container. Cleaning intervals must be determined by pollution density in the area being cleaned.

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Many, but not all models are displayed.  Air Purifiers are available with a variety of electrical options to meet the power standards of most countries.

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